Wolf Statues and Wolf Gifts:

Discover wildlife with our choice wolf statues, wolf gifts and unique wolf figurines. Our delightful wolf statues celebrates the beauty and magnificence of the gray wolves and are created to perfect realism. All our wolf statues are suitable for use both at home and in the garden; they are featured here in realistic poses and make winning statements for use in your home and garden.   Please email us if you have any questions on our wolf statues. FREE SHIPPING on all Wolf Statues.

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Wolf Statues and Wolf Sculptures


Crafted to provide a realistic look, our life size wolf statues and wolf figurines will add a neat addition to the home and garden. They also make warm gift ideas for friends and family who celebrate the beauty of the wildlife and are looking for fine wolf gifts. Each of our wolf statues including the small wolf figurines have been handcrafted to reflect realism and it is sometimes, hard to tell them apart.

Whether we realize this or not, wolves are fast becoming endangered species and kaccents.com celebrates these creatures by bringing to you the gray wolf. Our range of wolf statues includes beautiful creations of life size wolf statues and coyote statues which will add a glorious statement of the wildlife to your home.


Bronze Wolf Sculpture

 Bronze Mother Wolf with Pup Sculpture

Lying Gray Wolf Statue

Wolf Statues and Wolf Sculptures


Bronze Climbing Wolf

$535.00 #16811

Mother Wolf with Pup  Statue, $1,980.00 #12700  

Lying Gray Wolf Statue,

$159.90 #15299  

Life Size Wolf Statue,

$599.95 #15295 Sale!  


Gray Wolf Sculpture in Snow

Large Sitting Wolf Statue

Life Size Stalking Wolf

Sitting Gray Wolf Puppy Statue


Gray Wolf in Snow,

$92.95, #16117 

Large Sitting Wolf Statue, $146.90, #16111

Life Size Stalking Wolf $4,690.00 #213

 Gray Wolf Pup Statue, $129.00 #12432  



Gray Wolf Pups Under Log

Howling Wolf on Marble Base

Wolf Bookends

Playful Gray Wolves


Gray Wolf Pup Under Log, $124.95 #16118


Howling Wolf on Marble Base, $695.00, #12990   

Wolf Bookends,

$139.95 #904WB

Playful Gray Wolves,

$94.95 #16121









Our wolf figurines and statues celebrate the gray wolves which are still found across northern Europe and Asia, although their presence in the North American continent have been vastly reduced. Although a feared creature of the wild, wolves are necessary towards maintaining the balance in the food chain. Their reduction has led to serious ecological problems resulting from the overpopulation of other kinds of animals. Kaccents.com celebrates these dynamic and versatile animals by introducing a fine range of gray wolf statues and figurines as well as delightful gray wolf bookends to our catalogs - we are also introducing more new coyote statues in the next few months. 


Wolf Statues, Wolf Figurines