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Discover our collection of historic Frank Lloyd Wright sculptures of the Midway Gardens™ sprite that are cast stone reproductions of the statue located in Chicago, Illinois. The Frank Lloyd Wright Sculptures were conceived by Alphonzo Ianelli with whom Wright collaborated on a number of projects. While we have included other Frank Lloyd Wright statue gifts, our life size Midway Sprite Sculpture is a full-scale reproduction of one of the originals that sat atop the exterior walls of the Midway Gardens™. The Frank Lloyd Wright reproductions certainly pay homage to the great architectural pursuits of one of America's famous architects. We have also featured smaller Midway Garden Sprite statues that make excellent gift ideas or make a landscaping statement for your home and garden. NEW! See our new Garden Statues catalog for many fine statue selections.

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Frank Lloyd Wright Midway Garden Sprite statues, cast stone garden sprite statues



Our Frank Lloyd Wright Reproductions promises a impressive addition to your garden landscape. Produced under license from the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, these lovely garden statuary includes the famous life sized Midway Gardens™ Sprite statue. These beautiful sculptures created a distinct and unsurpassed ornamental effect.

Made of solid cast stone, these garden sprites together with the other Frank Lloyd Wright sculptures are created for outdoor use and are designed to fit in with your landscaping projects.

We believe these fine statues offer a great complement to those who value the Frank Lloyd Wright Gifts and Collection. 



<IMG SRC="19587A.jpg" alt="Large Midway Gardens Sprite with Baton">

<IMG SRC="19584A.jpg" alt="Life Size Frank Lloyd Wright Sculptures">

<IMG SRC="19590A.jpg" alt="Frank Lloyd Wright Reproductions">

<IMG SRC="19584A.jpg" alt="Life Size Frank Lloyd Wright Sculptures">

Large Midway Gardens™ Sprite with Baton, $1,995.00 #2797 Sale! Large Midway Gardens™ Sprite, $1,845.00 #2798 Sale!

Midway Gardens™ Sprite with Baton, #2793, $199.95  Sale!

Midway Gardens™ Sprite with Baton and Pedestal, #2794, $309.95  Sale!
<IMG SRC="19589A.jpg" alt="Midway Gardens Sprite Statue"> <IMG SRC="19589A.jpg" alt="Midway Gardens Sprite Statue"> hollyhock fountain, frank lloyd wright hollyhock fountains, cast stone hollyhock fountains frank lloyd wright boulder, boulder sculpture

Midway Gardens™ Sprite, #2795, $184.95 Sale!

Midway Gardens™ Sprite with Pedestal, #2796, $289.95  Sale! FLW Hollyhock Fountain, $196.00 #27977


   Boulder, $209.00 #19591   Sale!
<IMG SRC="2568A.jpg" alt="Mini Sprite"> <IMG SRC="2569A.jpg" alt="Frank Lloyd Wright Gifts">  
12"H Mini Sprite without Baton, $84.95 #2568


12"H Mini Sprite with Baton, $89.95 #2569 


12"H Mini Sprites Set, $169.95, 2567 Sale!    

Frank Lloyd Wright's Midway Gardens was built in 1914 and was designed as a lovely concert garden that included an indoor restaurant and dance hall, a five-tiered, outdoor summer garden, a tavern, and a private club. The Midway Gardens is today deemed a brilliant work of architectural art. In his architectural drawings for the Midway Gardens, Wright imbued a remarkable vision for the Midway Gardens. His creative architectural abilities highlights an outstanding vision for what is considered to be the heart of a quintessential American tale, a hybrid of Old and New World sensibilities, a monument to the cultural use of buildings and to the culture that allowed its destruction. Frank Lloyd Wright highlights beautiful sculptures like the Midway Gardens sprite to adorn this architectural pursuits. Consider our "Maid In The Mud" garden sprite that represents a sandstone replica of some of the finest architectural sculptures designed by Wright. Alfonzo Ianelli did the Midway Gardens sprite in collaboration with Wright for adorning the walls of the Midway Gardens. Highlighting some of the finest architectural designs, this fine garden sprite creates a magnificent ornamental effect for landscaping and architectural design. Our Frank Lloyd Wright reproduction are based on the original pieces that reside in the Midway Gardens and each piece is painstakingly reproduced to create the same ornamental effect it carries in the legendary Midway Gardens. All Frank Lloyd Wright sculptures are created using the hand-cast wet mix technique which renders these lovely sculptures the rich patina look over the years. The latest additions to our Frank Lloyd Wright catalog include the distinctive Native American sculptures, "Nakoma" and "Nakomis" which grace the Nakoma Country Club, a building inspired by the ceremonial campgrounds of the Winnebago Tribe. Upon Wright's death, the clubhouse was constructed by the Taliesin Architects.

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