Greek Pottery, Roman Vases:

Discover exclusive ancient Greek pottery and Italian pottery including decorative vases and unique Grecian urns at Our pottery catalog highlights a beautiful selection of Greek and Italian decorative vases and urns depicting ancient Greek and Italian culture, antique pottery and decorative vases that would boost your home designs and home decorating projects. Some of our rich collection also allow for outdoor use where applicable and are striking enough for hallway decorating.  Our choices of Italian and Greek pottery are reproductions of European antique vases and pottery - they depict Greek art at its best; carved onto some of our vases are the deep revered history of the Italian culture. Most of our Italian pottery and unique ancient Greek pottery are also fitting home furnishings that will allow for the creation of unique flower arrangements and floral design. All our range of decorative vases may depict rich designs and history such as our Grecian urns or could be as simple as making a statement for the table decor. All our vases and pottery are individually handcrafted and will fit any casual, contemporary or classic settings. 

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Bernadette Urn


  Greek Pottery and

  Roman Vases

Our range of ancient Greek pottery and Grecian urns include uniquely sculptured designs that are typical of these urns. Our catalog also features other unique decorative vases and Italian pottery and Roman vases including beautiful hand crafted urns and vessels.

Our Greek and Italian pottery and decorative urns are based on existing originals and have been handcrafted by Italian artisans. We also provide many standard finishes for our fine Roman pottery at no cost. 

If you have any questions regarding our Pottery and Vases collection, send an email to - a sales associate will get back to you on your questions.


Imperial Vase with Designs

Bronze Table Centerpiece with Scroll Handles

Bernadette Urn

Decorative Wrought Iron Scroll Bowl

Imperial Vase with Designs,

$179.95 #15049

Bronze Table Centerpiece with Scroll Handles, $565.00, #30837

Bernadette Urn,

$142.95,  #204 

Della Scroll Bowl,

$94.95 #165751

Country Rooster Bowl

Italian Marble Cecina Urn

Resin Cherub Planter for Home and Garden

Rooster Country Bowl,

$55.00 #1045

Cecina Urn

$245.00 #69

Cherub Planter,

$59.95 #15156

Rabbit Planter,

$52.00 #216

Imperial Square Deer Vase

Decorative Twig Bowl

Roman Italian Fruit Dish


Imperial Square Deer Vase, $225.00, #184EP


Decorative Twig Bowl,

$77.00 #9905

Roman Italian Fruit Dish,

$152.00 #70











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Our choices in decorative vases including selections of Greek vases and Greek pottery, Roman vases, cast stone urns and vases and a myriad of decorative vases and decorative bowls that make fine table centerpieces including wedding table centerpieces. Depending on your home decorating projects, create an ornamental effect with our choices in table decorations and decorative vases. Blend our luxurious home decor accents alongside your living room furniture or within any other formal areas you wish to create a symmetry. Having the right decorative accessories will give your living room spaces the right ambience and decor to set the mood right. These decorative vases and flower vases are meant as decorations only.

Our choices of decorative vases including Greek pottery, Grecian urns and Italian pottery are decorative vases one can use to create attractive tabletop arrangements. Each of these lovely decorative vases is individually hand crafted to reflect character and hand finished to give it the glorifying, sometimes antique look it deserves. Specific selections are also suitable for use as flower vases especially our cast stone vases which are also suitable for outdoor use. When decorating with such lovely decorative vases such as our charming ancient Greek vases, here are some guidelines you could use to create striking tabletop accessories:

         Group accessories that share the same color, material and shape.  A collection of Greek pottery can make an inviting arrangement when the cultural aspects of the Greek civilization are tied into the body of the pottery.

        Create a varying group of different sizes to project an elevation. Having a set of decorative vases that are the same type and size creates monotony. Use pedestal to elevate some of the vases and accessories to achieve varying elevation levels.

        Create depth with your choice of accessories and decorative urns and vases do not line them up in a straight line but experiment with varying triangle arrangements that make them exciting and appreciated.

Create a focal point around these Italian and Greek vases that enhances their beauty in your room. Do not add too many of these vases in an area that creates competition for viewing. Each of our Roman and Greek vases are designed to look good on its own but you can still groups urns and vases together but choose your pieces judiciously. 


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