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Our choice fine art lamps and country lamps are an inspiration for your living spaces. Crafted of the finest materials and produced by Italian and American artisans, these lovely table lamps reflect taste and quality. Finding the right lighting design to blend in with your home decor projects can speak a lot about your tastes and personality in home decorating - choosing the right lighting design can set several moods for your final home design and interior decorating pursuits. And our range of colonial table lamps and unique country lamps are aimed at creating a fine and luxurious setting for your home. Use table lamps and fine art lamps (see our choices below) to create the right ambience and feel for your home design. Use lighting as focal points if there are no structural designs such as columns,  fireplaces and staircases that you can use - use lighting to create and announce; you can use it for setting a Victorian decorating feel or use it for a more contemporary fit. Once you have identified your home interior design plant, target specific areas within each room give that balance in artful composition. Use our fine art lamps in combination with other home accessories on console or side tables.  

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Home decorating and interior decorating projects include the layout of well-determined set of room and home designs plans. And our choices of classic table lamps and fine art lamps are designed to please. Our home furnishings and home decorating catalogs feature top quality decorative accessories and home designs solutions in boosting the look of your home. 

Our range of fine art lamps catalog includes designer table lamps which create a focal point. Our catalogs feature outstanding table lamps with Greek and Roman accents as well as colonial and Victorian lamps bearing the 18th Century influence. All table lamps are hand crafted and produced here in the USA. 

If you have any questions regarding our fine Art Table Lamps and Colonial Lamps collection, send an email to - a sales associate will get back to you on your questions.


Verona Table Lamps - Pair

Briggs Table Lamps - Pair

English Lamp with Glass Base - Pair

Verona Table Lamps - Pair, $199.95 #16299

Briggs Table Lamps - Pair, $335.00 #1672 Briggs Table Lamps II - Pair, $335.00 #1673 English Lamp with Glass Base - Pair, $285.00 #16405 
Augustina Table Lamps - Pair The Ziggy Lamp with Cloth Shade Rena Urn Lamp I - Pair Summer's Table Lamp - Pair
Augustina Table Lamps - Pair, $245.00 #9034 The Ziggy Lamp with Cloth Shade, $210.00 #1671 Rena Urn Lamp I - Pair, $199.95 #1675 Summer's Table Lamp - Pair $295.00 #5418
Tall Birdie Table Lamp II Retro Desk Lamps - Pair Maynard Pastel Lamps - Pair Fiorentina Accent Lamps - Pair
Tall Birdie Table Lamp II, $229.95, #16404  Retro Desk Lamps - Pair, $139.00 #1629 Maynard Pastel Lamps - Pair, $139.00 #9043   Fiorentina Accent Lamps - Pair, $139.00 #9464

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Whatever you choose, finding the right home accessories and table lamps to accommodate your interior decorating pursuits can be a challenge. We highlight only top quality designer table lamps - our range of country lamps and fine art lamps are designed to create a sophisticated look for your home. We do not compromise on the quality of our table lamps - they are made by US and American artisans who know the meaning of quality. Whether you are choosing fine art lamps or colonial lamps, our classic table lamps are an inspiration. We hope you look to us for your home lighting needs! 

Please view our choices on rustic table lamps on page 5 of our table lamps catalog. Our colonial table lamps are located on page 3 and 4.

We offer fine home furnishings and home decor gifts and selections from across the world at affordable prices. Our range of fine art lamps and home decorating catalogs offers fresh ideas for those seeking to use lighting design as a means towards enriching the home interior design. "Let there be Light" and let there be lighting that will make a quality statement within your home interiors. Select top quality decorative lighting, table lamps, rustic lamps, assorted lamp shades, buffet lamps from Italy, and many other types of lamps that will complement any decorating look whether it be for a Victorian decorating design, country decorating, a Toile home design or southern home decor. Some of our lamps are manufactured under license with world famous institutions such as the Colonial Williamsburg, Historic Charleston and Mount Vernon, the home of our first president, George Washington. Choose from our array of home decor suggestions that will change your rooms into an alluring one! Interior decorating can be a purposeful project - we look to home decorating as an inspiration and as a means of projecting an individuality that we can be proud of. Email us at for further information.

Mixing the right home furnishings with the right styles and finishes can enhance the look and feel of your home, thereby contributing towards a fashionable and warm ambience. Visit our home decorating catalogs for an array of choices in terms of home accessories and home furnishings.




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