Colonial Table Lamps:

Discover a wide range of colonial lighting for your colonial decorating projects including reproductions of colonial table lamps and desk lamps which set a unique taste of the American colonial past. Our quality range of brass table lamps featured in pages 3 and 4 are created by American artisans and produced under license with respected American organizations. Finding the colonial lighting design to blend in with the home decorating projects can speak a lot about your tastes and personality  - choosing the right lighting design can set several moods for your final home design and interior decorating pursuits. Finding the right areas to place your lighting can lead to numerous results and applications. Use the various forms of decorative lighting available such as brass table lamps, desk lamps and even floor lamps to create the right ambience and feel for your home design. Use lighting as focal points if there are no structural designs such as columns,  fireplaces and staircases that you can use - use lighting to create and announce; you can use it for setting a Victorian decorating feel or use it for a more contemporary fit. Use our colonial lamps in combination with other home accessories on console or side tables.  

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Our range of colonial lighting options include handsome desk lamps and colonial brass lamps which create an aura and sense of the colonial past. Home decorating and interior decorating projects include the layout of well-determined set of room and home designs plans. Our home furnishings and home decorating catalogs feature top quality decorative accessories and home designs solutions in boosting the look of your home. Our table lamps catalog boosts your colonial decorating projects by introducing lovely colonial lamps which are based on the influence of the colonial past. All colonial lamps are hand crafted and produced here in the USA. 

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27"H Blacksmith's Lantern in Midnight

27"H Blacksmith's Lantern in Antique Mustard

Springtime Table Lamp

Retro Table Lamps - Pair

27"H Blacksmith's Lantern in Midnight, $152.00 #1674   27"H Blacksmith's Lantern in Mustard, $152.00 #1610  Springtime Table Lamp, $128.00,1611 Retro Table Lamps - Pair $135.00 #30439 
Owl on a Finial  Lamp Fleur de Lis Table Lamp Dragonfly Table Lamp Floral Desk Lamp
Owl on a Finial  Lamp, $97.95 #1606 Fleur de Lis Table Lamp, $147.00 #1628 Dragonfly Table Lamp, $165.00 #1614 Floral Desk Lamp, $125.00 #1622
Plantation Candlestick Lamp with Chisel Shade Large Medici Lamp Pair of Yorkers Lamps Large Tinner's Lantern with Chisel
Plantation Candlestick Lamp with Chisel Shade, $69.95, #1624 Large Medici Lamp, $385.00 #1608 Pair of Yorkers Lamps, $185.00 #1625  Large Tinner's Lantern with Chisel, $205.00 #1623

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Whatever you choose, finding the right home accessories and table lamps to accommodate your interior decorating pursuits can be a challenge. We highlight only top quality table lamps - we assure you that the table lamps we feature here in our colonial lamps catalog add to a very rich look within your home if you are seeking towards colonial decorating projects. The pricing for our table lamps reflect the very high quality taken in producing them. We hope you look to us for your home lighting needs! 

Table lamps make great home design statement and with the right interior decorating perspective, can be used as an objet d'art on its own.



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