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Sun Face Wall Plaques

Sun and Moon Face Plaques

Our sun plaques features choice of sun face plaques and celestial sun plaques for the home and garden. The symbolic meaning of the sun is universal as it is carried across various cultures and stylized in many faiths and culture. In the ancient Egyptian culture, it is commonplace to have the sun relate to many of the symbols used in their writings. For instance, the meaning of  "Sesen" highlights the lotus flower which is the symbol of the sun in the creation and rebirth process. "Ra" relates to the ancient Egyptian God Ra who was notably the Sun God for the Egyptian civilization.












Our large sun plaque adds a flaming appeal with its two tone colors. Aluminum.

moon wall plaques

Celestial Sun Face Plaque

Garden Sun Plaque

Artistic Sun Face Plaque$189.95, #H2509

Moon Wall Plaque,

$174.95, #12008 

Celestial Sun Face,

$79.95 #1105

Flaming Garden Sun Plaque, $78.00 #1610SP

Large Sun Face Plaque

sun moon face clock plaques

Happy Sun Wall Plaque for Outdoor

Large Sun Face Plaque, $214.95 #57SF

Sun and Moon Face Clock Plaque $156.95 #51

Happy Sun Wall Plaque, $79.95 #1056

Leaf on Sun Wall Face

$144.95, #1114NW

Sun and Moon Wall Relief

Large Sun Ray Wall Plaque

Set of 4 Decorative Sun and Moon Plaques

Outdoor Sun Wall Plaque

Sun and Moon Wall Relief, $79.00, #341

Large Sun Ray Wall Plaque, $78.00, #H2609 

Set of 4 Decorative Sun and Moon Plaques, $89.95, #30418 

 Outdoor Sun Wall Plaque, $194.95, #11244 






Garden Sun Plaque - Cast Iron


Garden Sun Plaque - Cast Iron $55.00 #8420


The symbolic meaning of the sun spans several cultures including the Greeks, Egyptians, Indians, Romans and the Europeans. In fact, the sun has offered much inspiration to many cultures as there is a positive meaning rendered towards the sun that most cultures relate to. Many decorative sun plaques reflect the stylized versions of the sun and reflects some of the creative means in which we use the beauty and positive energy of the sun effectively translated into a work of art. Our sun wall plaques catalog features some of those sun faces wall plaques including unique garden sun plaques for the home and garden. Email us if you need more help with our adorable sun faces plaques and garden sun places.


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