Garden Wall Plaques:

Wall Plaques add character and individuality to a home and garden wall, supplementing towards a theme that the owner wishes to relate to. Accessories are essential towards translating that decorative theme and wall plaques and sculptures are one of the most used accents that do that nicely. Our choice of wall plaques feature decorative wall plaques and reliefs for the garden like our outdoor garden sun wall plaques, the elusive Green man plaques to a wide range of garden tiles, architectural plaques and wrought iron wall decorations.

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Large Garden Medallion

Wall Garden Plaques

Wall decorations need not only involve the use of candle holders or wall lanterns but they can also involve the creative use of wall plaques to shape the theme you want to see in your garden. Our range of outdoor wall plaques include the use of decorative wall plaques like pineapple wall plaques and sun garden wall plaques, and even stone wall plaques that tell a story like our Roman wall fragments and reliefs and even sweet floral and flower garden tiles that add some taste of the Victorian era.

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Large Garden Medallion

Garden Sun Wall Plaque

Over the Door Carving

Pineapple Wall Frieze, $106.95, #H3409

Large Garden Medallion, $146.00 #849 

Garden Sun Wall Plaque,

$55.00, #8420 

Over the Door Carving,

$89.95 #1706

Garden Sun Plaque

Large Floral Tiles

Set of Urn Wall Plaques

Thanksgiving Plaque of Cornucopias

Garden Sun Plaque,

$87.95 #1610SP

Large Floral Tiles,

$89.95 #58

Set of Urn Wall Plaques, $135.00 #121

Thanksgiving Plaque of Cornucopias,

$385.00 #68A 

Garden Pineapple Relief

Artistic Sun Plaque

Metal Sun Wall Plaque

Garden Pineapple Relief 

Garden Pineapple Relief, $89.95 #61

Artistic Sun Plaque,

$159.95 #H2509G

Outdoor Sun Wall Plaque, $165.00, #11244 

Pineapple Relief,

$75.00 #67A






























Wall Decor creates an impression to your guests and renders your room the individuality it needs. Read Elaine's article on interior decorating with wall decor:

Wall Art Makes Great Interior Decorating Sense



The garden is a perfect place for a hideaway, a reprieve that we all want to relate to during a hard day's work. The use of wall plaques can supplement the theme you have chosen for your garden. Perhaps, you would like the flavor of a rustic theme through the use of bear plaques and wildlife garden plaques that create the lodge and rustic image, or many of us may like the look of the sea. Then the use of accessories such as pelican statues and pelican plaques or other bird plaques that reflect the coastal theme, may be a delightful choice. Wall plaques come in various materials and while some like the heavy feel of stone wall plaques, other cherish the light and look of fiberglass resin wall plaques. And our wall decor catalogs feature many from the use of antique looking resin garden wall plaques to roman wall reliefs and  Greco-Roman wall plaques that herald the times of the past. Whatever the interests, our range of wall plaques help shape your theme and the choice is endless. Our wall plaques are decorative solutions for your garden.


Decorative Wall Garden Plaques for Home and Garden