Decorative Wall Plaques:

Wall plaques such as over door plaques and wall sculptures add a style and decorative perspective that helps shape the theme you set for your living rooms. Our resin wall plaques include selections for dressing up the Victorian wall decor and if you are interested in the extravagant Baroque designs and embellishments that add detail and a fancy appeal; our range of wall sculptures and wall plaques may just supplement that look. Wall sculptures and plaques are very central towards accessorizing your room decor projects without which the room can look bland and empty.

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Decorative Wall Plaques

Highlighted with infinite details and variety, our wall decor selections also includes choice of decorative wall plaques including metal and resin wall plaques for indoor and outdoor use. Please reference each product page for the suggested use of our wall plaques. Because wall plaques come in so many designs, decorative themes and colors, they represent one of the most effective means of drawing an attention to a room. Use generous gold themed finishes if you show a penchant for the classic Victorian and Renaissance decor, or simple indulge in the pastel finishes and sea themed plaques if you have a way with all things coastal.














Pineapple Wall Plaque

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Music Cherub Plaques

Fleur de Lis Wall Sculpture,

$114.95 #9025

Pineapple Wall Plaque, $69.95, #H3410

Royal Fleur de Lis Wall Plaques,

$74.95, #1703

Cherub Wall Plaques,

$159.95 #852

Large Over the Door Plaque

Architectural Coastal Pediment

Large Large Shell Scroll

Architectural Medallion with Scroll Pediments

Large Over the Door Plaque,

$105 #69C

Architectural Coastal Pediment, $165.95 #Y802 

Large Shell Scroll,

$135.00 #1751

Architectural Medallion with Scroll Pediments,  $199.95 #56





Lion Face Plaque

Resin Wall Medallion

Coastal Beach Plaques Set

Grand Architectural Lion Plaque

Lion Face Plaque,

$75.00 #1109

Resin Wall Medallion,

$127.00, #183W

Coastal Beach Plaques Set,

$99.95 #65A

Grand Architectural Lion Plaque, $385.00, #9956

Architectural Scroll Shelf

Della Medallion

Rooster Architectural Plaque

Large Rooster Architectural Plaque,

Architectural Scroll Shelf, $125.00, #59


Della Medallion,

$75.00, #5619


Rooster Architectural Plaque,  $118.00 #87


Large Rooster Architectural Plaque, $219.95 #1707



Color does so much to brighten a room and make it livable. Then color should not be used too much nor too little that could affect the overall balance of the room. Supplement color with a choice of wall plaques from our selections of leaf plaques to garden tiles, wall medallions, metal wall plaques and large Victorian wall decor accents. Wall decorations come in many forms from unique Greek and Roman wall plaques to wall plaques and brackets, wall paintings and murals and just about any form of decorative accent that addresses the walls. Use wall plaques and sculptures that appeal with color and style that ties in well with all surrounding furnishings and accessories in the room. Do not clutter too much but use them sensibly to create the impact for your guests to admire.




Decorative Wall Plaques