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Discover unique chess sets and decorative chess sets for collectors including theme chess sets such as our Chinese chess sets, medieval chess sets and the civil war chess sets for setting unique conversation pieces for the living room spaces. The game of chess is one of the oldest games known to mankind. Chess games employ the skilful use of chess strategies and chess rules - in all, the chess game is an artfully contrived solution man has developed to challenge his thoughts. If you are buying chess sets or know how to play chess, discover some of our unique chess sets which also make fine collectible pieces. Our decorative chess sets are set with an attractive theme and would be certainly welcomed as thoughtful gift ideas for him. Our chess pieces for each of our chess games highlights a unique character that would make the game of chess interesting and colorful without compromising the chess strategies and chess rules! 

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We feature our unique chess sets with a different visionary flavor. Our theme chess sets are designed with a creative flair for all. Whether it be used as a game or as a decorative element to the home, our stylish and unique chess sets are bound to intrigue many. We offer an array of chess sets that portray various themes. The history of chess and its predecessors are captured in each of our chess pieces. Whether it be the Cowboy and Indian Chess Set or the Financial Chess Set, all of our chess sets capture the classic chess pieces of modern chess with a twist of character. Whether it is the diminutive pawn, an infantry plodding slowly forward; the rook or castle, be turreted and strong; the knight that leaps over obstructions with ease; the bishop with his distinctive mitre, a warrior-priest confined by his diagonal gait to the same colored squares forever; the queen, all-powerful with great freedom of movement; or the king without whom the game is done; our stylish and well-theme chess sets will be a very entertaining game for discovering chess rules and chess strategies that are unique and fun for all! 




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<IMG SRC="Fishermen_chess.jpg" alt="Theme Chess Sets">

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Farmyard Chess Set, $250.00 #18003 Free Shipping Fishermen Chess Set, $250.00 #18001 Free Shipping Financial Chess Set, $250.00 #18002 Free Shipping

Chinese Warrior Chess Set, $55.00, #1232 Free Shipping

<IMG SRC="wood_chess.jpg" alt="Collectible Chess Sets">
Wooden Chess Set, $550.00 #18004 Free Shipping Golf Chess Set, $250.00 #18005 Free Shipping Cowboy and Indian Chess Set, $250.00 #18006 Free Shipping Soapstone Chess Chest, $59.95 #29385 Free Shipping
<IMG SRC="18007.jpg" alt="Medieval Chess Sets"> <IMG SRC="civil_war.jpg" alt="Civil War Chess Sets">
Seafaring Chess Set, $29.95 #27245 Medieval Chess Set, $55.00 each, #18007 Civil War Chess Set, $250.00 #18010 Free Shipping Dragon Chess Set, $39.95 #31351


Our decorative chess sets include lovely theme chess sets such as civil war chess set, golf chess sets, farm chess sets and medieval chess sets that add color and interest to the game of chess. All our chess pieces are made of resin unless otherwise stated. Our chess sets also make fine collectible chess sets, good as gifts or just for your own home.


Chess Games is one of the oldest game known to man. Chess is thought to be a little older than Go, a game derived from Japan and China. All of these games have one thing in common - they are stylized battles, games of war, where strategy and tactics are everything. Chess is said to have evolved some 2,000 years ago from the Indian game of Chaturanga. This Indian style of chess depicts elephants, cavalry, chariots and infantry of contemporary warfare. Some believe these depictions have an older Chinese origin. Through history, the game spread into Europe over 1,000 years ago, where its modern and official form was developed. The modern form of the chess game with its chess rules probably does not differ very much from its forbearers. In Thailand, a similar game of chess is played. Known as the Mark-ruk, it is one version of the chess games that slightly differs from those of the familiar chess games. The chess pieces are comparable to those of the familiar chess sets and the rules of the movement are the same but Mark-ruk is played on inlaid black and white squares decorating concrete sidewalks. Mark-ruk is played very quickly and carries a great sense of enjoyment.


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