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Browse our Golf Gifts Catalog for surprising golf novelties.  We also feature whimsical golf gifts to add a touch of humor to the home.  Our fine choice of golfer statues and golf statuary such as our lady golfer statues, resin bronze golf sculptures and small golfer figurines are excellent gifts for golf enthusiasts.  We introduce new golf gift ideas from time to time so please check back frequently for new gift ideas.

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Lady Golfer taking Swing, Lady Golfer statues, Woman Golfer statues

Our golf gifts highlights range of golf sculptures and unique golfer statues made of resin and bronze. We also feature a line of whimsical golf statues which add unique golf novelties and ideas for the avid golfer - if you are seeking some choices in finding gifts for men or unique sports gifts for him, visit our Golf Gifts Catalog. 

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Golfer Statue on Marble Base

Young Female Golfer Figurine

Male Golf Sculpture tabletop

Tabletop Male Golfer sculpture, male golfer statues


Golfer Statue,

$99.95 #1277 

Female Golfer Sculpture,

$52.95 #15782

Golf Male Sculpture - Tabletop,

$52.95, #15716

Tabletop Confident Golfer $74.95 #8022


Lady Golfer taking Swing, Lady Golfer statues, Woman Golfer statues

golf club bookends

Male Golfer statue, male golfer swinging his club



Lady Golfer Taking Swing,

$79.95 #60456

Golf Club Bookends,

$79.95 #14528

Victorious Male Golfer, $84.95, #8121



Male Bronze Golfer Figurine


golf putter box

golf tee time clock, golf tee clock, golf tee desk clock, golf ball clock, golf ball desk clock, golf time keeper, golf desk time, golf desk tee time, golf gifts, golf desk accessory, golf time gifts, golf clock gifts, golf gifts, golf for him


Male Bronze Golfer Figurine,

$64.95, #8811


Golf Putter Box,

$52.95 #29192

Golf Tee Time Clock,

$64.95, #29193











Add a unique perspective to the den of the golfer with our line of whimsical golfer statues and sculptures from small bronze golf figurines to large resin golfer statues with an attitude. Many golfer statues highlight the power of the swing and while some may feature the more serious golfer, there are many golfer statues that simply add pure fun and charm from our fascinating mad golfer who seems to twist his golf club to pure madness to women golfer statues and unique desk golfer sculptures that add a decorative appeal and fun.

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