Monkey Statues:

Our monkey statues and monkey gifts include a choice of monkey planter and some unique monkey gifts namely the monkeys which highlight the popular adage "Hear No Evil, Speak no evil and See No Evil". We also feature monkey bookends and monkey door stops to help create a monkey decor theme around the home. Monkeys are cute and can be dramatic, so we have used them in the bookends, planters as as candle holders.

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Monkeys are very intelligent primates often respected for their intelligence and include such monkey species as gibbons, chimpanzees, orang hutans etc. Due to their high level of intelligence, monkeys have been studied closely such as the infinite monkey theorem which proposes that a monkey hitting keys at random on a typewriter will eventually sound off a note from say, one of Shakespeare's plays.

 Our range of monkey statues also includes gifts for the home such as monkey bookends, monkey planters and the famous 3 wise monkey figurines.


Three Wise Monkeys

Bronze Reading Monkey

Bronze Monkey Planter and Bowl

Bronze Monkey Sculpture

Three Wise Monkeys, $335.00 #12304   Bronze Reading Monkey, $175.00, #30396 

Reading Monkey Bookends, $69.95 #13017

Bronze Climbing Monkey Planter, $585.00 #12404  Monkey Makes an Offering, $129.95, #7120
Bronze Three Wise Monkeys on a Bench Large Bronze Monkeys on a Branch Sculpture 3 Wise Monkeys Set
Bronze Three Wise Monkeys on a Bench, $585.00, #17017  3 Wise Monkeys, $48.00 #12305R   Monkey Mama, $229.95, #7122  Large Bronze Monkeys on a Branch Sculpture, $3,550.00 #16016 3 Wise Monkeys Set, $64.95 #15258
Bronze Monkey Hook   Bronze Chimpanzee Monkey  
  Bronze Monkey Hooks - Pair, $89.95, #15267H  Monkey Bookends, $68.00 #496 Bronze Chimpanzee Monkey, $650.00 #8801 Bronze Monkey Family, $225.00, #7121  Reading Monkey, $69.95, #30398 

If you are seeking to create a unique monkey decor for the home, then complement with our selections of monkey gifts such as bookends, planters and the thematic 3 wise monkeys which illustrate the need not to engage in hearing, seeing or speaking any evil.


Monkey Statues and Gifts