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Our selections of raccoon statues and raccoon statuary pay tribute to these intriguing wildlife creatures which have captured the interest and attention of many people. Raccoons are known to be nocturnal creatures, only appearing in the night but they possess intelligence and craftiness few animals can match. Raccoons have often been blamed for the pilferage of dustbins and causing chaos in an otherwise quiet neighborhood. While they may tend to be a nuisance, it is hard to ignore this resolute and clever animal which over time, has proven to be artful in adapting to city dwelling just as it would do well in the woods. Raccoons are survivors and it is noted that the state of Tennessee has adopted the raccoon as a wild animal symbol. We are sure our range of raccoon statues will intrigue and interest. Some raccoon sculptures are created for indoor use but we have a nice selection for garden use as well.

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Raccoon statues make neat additions to the garden. These mischievous animals have been captured very beautifully in our many selections of outdoor and indoor selections of raccoon statuary and raccoon sculptures. Our selections include intriguing raccoon birdfeeders and even raccoon fountains while our raccoon card holder will surely grace the home office and add that nice lodge decor look.

Giraffes are symbols of peace and docility. Their gentle demeanor and quietness are known. Because they are such quiet creatures, it is hard to realize their presence. Our range of giraffe statues celebrates one of earth's gentle creatures, tall yet formidable.

If you have any questions regarding our giraffe figurines and statues, email us.


Welcome Lizard Sign

Welcome Bear Stake

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Welcome Raccoon Statue

Welcome Lizard Sign, $75.00 #124091  

Welcome Bear Stake,

$57.00, #12409

Welcome Frog on Rock,

$159.95, #30389

Welcome Raccoon Statue, $57.00, #12065

Large Welcome Sign and Plaque


Welcome Bunnies Stake


Squirrel Garden Statue with Welcome Sign

Friendly Raccoon Birdfeeder, $57.00 #1267R

Large Welcome Sign and Plaque, $85.00, #15001 


Welcome Bunnies Stake, $62.00, #1270


Squirrel Welcome Statue,

$42.00 #19033



















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